Markim Pet Resort

Where your pet is part of our family.


Salem Flores, Markim Pet Resort owner and professional trainer, conducts canine learning lessons specifically designed to meet each dog's unique needs, with emphasizing positive reinforcement and motivation.

From housebreaking and basic obedience issues to aggressiveness and behavioral matters, Salem's proven techniques and more than fifteen years experience working with dogs will quickly and efficiently resolve the problem.

Private and group classes are conducted on-site at Markim's facilities, or training sessions at your home can be arranged. One-on-one consultations with Salem addressing specific behavioral issues such as aggression, shyness, destructive behavior and separation anxiety are also available.

Once basic obedience skills have been mastered, many owners enroll their dogs in agility and obstacle training. Six categories of classes are offered, ranging from Beginner to Advanced. After progressing to the Novice level, the training becomes interactive, with owners accompanying their dogs as they navigate an obstacle course. As with other Markim classes, sessions are offered either privately or as part of a group.

Twelve and thirty day comprehensive training programs are available while your dog is boarded with us. Subjects covered range from basic obedience to advanced matters such as interacting with humans or other dogs.