Markim Pet Resort

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Salem Flores - Professional Trainer

Salem Flores began working with dogs more than 15 years ago, steadily acquiring skills from his father and uncle, who between them have more than thirty years canine training experience.

Studying at the University of Guadalajara, Salem ultimately earned his PhD in veterinary medicine. While attending the University, he joined the Mexican Canine Federation, where he assisted AKC judges with organized competitions, while at the same time gaining valuable experience working with a wide variety of breeds.

Salem joined Markim Pet Resort in 2003 as a trainer and manager. In 2009, he, along with his wife Luz who oversees Markim Grooming operations, acquired the business. Salem proficiency in dog training, combined with his veterinary medicine education result in his remarkable ability to quickly and accurately assess whether a problem is medical or behavioral.

In addition to being licensed to practice veterinary medicine in Mexico, Salem has been involved with training dogs for several California police departments. He is the former Obedience Club of San Diego Director of Training, and also donates his time to evaluate, rehabilitate and train rescue dogs for organizations such as Lab Rescuers, and It's the Pits to prepare them for adoption.


Gabriella Ravani

Gabriella Ravani has been instructing agility since 1998. She is totally addicted to the sport and competes in all venues of agility: AKC, USDAA, CPE, NADAC, UKC. She loves sharing her knowledge, passion for the sport and really enjoys working with all breeds.

She has over 84 titles on her 4 Dalmatians and her Dals are consistently ranked in the AKC top ten Agility Dalmatians. More importantly, her students are very successful in every agility venue.

Her goal for her clients and their dogs is that they: A) have a great time at class and B) learn everything they need to meet their own goals - whether that is to win Nationals or just to get some exercise and have fun with their dog.